Comment porter nos produits ?

How to wear our products?

For a more detailed descriptions of our products, you can consult their sheets directly.

In order to obtain an optimal result, it is advisable to affix our products as close as possible to the corresponding chakra.


In daily life they can be worn as an accessory, necklace / bracelet (wrist / ankle) / belt
As for necklaces , we recommend wearing those corresponding to the upper chakras (crown / third eye / throat / heart). The most recommended form is that of the Lotus
Artemis: Alleviates heart and blood circulation problems. Allows you to connect to your emotions and use the Law of Attraction. (To be worn at the level of the heart chakra)
Hermès : Treats throat problems, improves the ability to express, Worn at the level of the throat or as close as possible ( 3cm – 4cm or Lotus)
Poseidon: Reduces migraines, improves intuition, concentration and thinking skills, helps channel extra-sensory abilities. ( 3cm – 4cm or Lotus) To be worn at the level of the third eye for an optimal effect but can also be worn as a necklace.
Zeus: Also reduces migraines, connects to the spiritual plane. ATTENTION: In order to avoid being too “up there”, it is advisable to carry Demeter when Zeus is equipped in order to balance and anchor the body and the mind. Can be placed above the Crown chakra, but also as a necklace.

For the bracelets we recommend 2 orgonites per wrist in order to create a balance (one in front and one behind), these can be identical (ex: 2 times plexus) or 2 different (Plexus-Sacred). It is recommended, if you wish to wear two different ones, that they be chakras that are close to each other (Ex: Root-Sacred, Sacred-Heart) in order to maintain a balance.
For the wrists we recommend the first chakras (root – sacral – plexus – heart)
For the ankles the most recommended is Root. The chakra in question being difficult to reach the legs remains the part of the body that best suits it. For any type of bracelet we recommend the smallest formats, that of 3 or 4cm.
For belts , depending on where they are worn, we recommend the first three chakras (Root / Sacral / Plexus). For Demeter wear lower back to reduce lower back pain and work on Kundalini as well as anchoring.
For Hera , below the navel, especially to reduce pain related to PMS for women and increase creativity.
For Athena , at the level of the solar plexus, in order to reduce gastric pain and dissolve energy blockages. Boosts energy and self-confidence. Acts as an energy and mental shield.
In order to optimize the result we recommend our largest models, those of 5 or 6cm.

The bigger the product, the higher its vibratory rate, the effects are therefore greater depending on the size of the product.


During meditation

Demeter : 1 or 2 at each ankle to be well anchored (3 or 4cm)
1 belt at the bottom of the back to open the root chakra and awaken the Kundalini (5 or 6cm)

Hera : 2 on one wrist (one at the level of the veins the other on the back of the wrist) (3cm) paired with 2 of Athena on the other wrist to create a yin / yang, masculine / feminine balance.
1 on each wrist (4cm) mixed with 1 from Athena, for the same reasons as before.
1 belt below the navel (5 or 6cm) to open and feed the sacral chakra.

Athena : In symbiosis with Hera on the wrists as explained above.
As a necklace, but must go down to the solar plexus (4 - 5cm or Lotus)
As a belt always at the level of the plexus, to open the plexus and ensure protection during meditation. (5 or 6cm)

Artemis : As a necklace at the level of the heart chakra. Helps center and open the heart to connect with emotions and Mother Earth. (Any size)

Hermès: As a necklace at the level of the throat chakra, Opens the throat chakra and allows energy to flow freely from the body to the head with each breath. (Any size)
Poseidon: At the level of the third eye to free the mind from the mental and increase concentration, increases extra-sensory abilities. ( Lotus – 3cm)
Can be worn in 3, one on each temple and one at the level of the third eye.
Zeus: At the top of the head, can be placed under a hood, a hat or a cap. Opens the crown chakra, allows to enter a meditative state, to connect to the other planes of consciousness and to receive the information residing there. Allows you to connect to your “Higher Self”
Hives: You can position them all around you during your meditation to create a grid / array. This will have the effect of drastically increasing the vibratory rate of the gridded area.
You can also position one between your legs or in your hands to increase your own vibratory rate.
Depending on the chakra you want to work on during your meditation, position the corresponding Hive on you.
During the treatment:
A 6cm flower of life or a 5cm can be placed directly on the table, under the patient. The belts make it possible to reposition them easily according to the patient and to maintain them so that they do not move during the treatment. So that they do not bother the patient, a blanket or sheet can be positioned between our products and the patient.
You can then place a Hive, a 6cm flower of life or a 5cm on top of the patient at each chakra.

Demeter: For the Root, place the Hive of Demeter between the patient's legs so that it is in direct contact with the chakra, you can also wear it on your ankles to ensure anchoring during the treatment (3cm – 4cm ) . Demeter acts as a painkiller, it can thus be affixed to the different points of pain that the patient feels (5cm – 6cm or Hive)

Hera and Athena can be worn at the level of the wrists, at the level of the veins in order to stimulate the flow of energies in the hands (3cm – 4cm). They can also be worn as a belt at the level of their corresponding chakra.
During the treatment Athena can be worn on your receiving hand and thus act as a shield to protect you from the negative energy absorbed during the treatment. ( 3cm – 4cm) It can also be worn as a necklace for the same reason. (4cm – 5cm or Lotus)

Artemis : Can be worn at the level of the heart chakra as a necklace (4cm, Lotus), or even as a belt (5cm – 6cm) in order to open the chakra. It can also be worn on the transmitting hand, at the wrist veins or directly in the palm of the hand (3cm – 4cm) . The stronger the Love sent during the treatment, the more effective the treatment will be. Artemis thus acts as an amplifier in order to increase the efficiency of the treatment.

Hermes: Breathing is of paramount importance during the treatment, it is this that defines the cycles of emission and reception of energy. It helps to channel and feel the energy inside the body. Different breathing techniques can be put in place during the treatment, whether on the side of the therapist or the patient.
Hermes can therefore be worn as a necklace on top of the throat at the level of the chakra, all sizes can be used.

Poseidon: To be positioned at the level of the 3rd eye or as a necklace. Intuition is a very important factor during a session, it allows you to know where and how to treat, the stronger the connection with it, the more effective the treatment will be. Can also be worn in triplicate, with one on each temple and one at the level of the third eye. (3cm – 4cm or Lotus)

Zeus : To be positioned at the top of the skull on the crown chakra in order to maintain a meditative state while performing a treatment. Allows you to connect more easily to other planes of consciousness and to channel the necessary help during the session. ( Lotus )
Can be worn in either palm to act as an energy amplifier and to channel the energy sent. (3cm – 4cm) or double, with one at the level of the palm and the other above the hand.
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