Les produits d'Astria à la loupe

Astria's products under the microscope

Each crystal has its own frequency, each corresponding to a musical note. By putting them together in an orgonite we create a chord, when different chords are played simultaneously they create a score.

Orgonite is composed of two faces, front and back, as well as a core, all wrapped in resin. As with any living being, the harmony of Mind / Soul / Spirit & Body must be respected.

The Spirit : The front is the part made of stone, the one that is visible, gold leaf is added to it in order to obtain a better aestheticism. Synergies are made up of 2, 3 or 4 different stones. It is possible to add more, but the harmony then becomes difficult to achieve.

The Soul : The core, it is composed of Quartz, located in the middle, between the two layers, first a biterminated quartz then shards (proportional to the size of the orgonite) as well as quartz sand. It amplifies the properties of orgonite (like an amp for music). Quartz is often invisible, the resin makes it almost completely transparent.

The Mind : The back, it is composed of different metals, copper, brass, bronze etc. It is always placed against the skin, It allows to rebalance the environment around the wearer (“transforms” the “negative” energy into “positive” energy).

The Body: The resin, it encompasses everything else and allows to obtain a coherence between the spirit, the soul and the mental, so that each remains in the right place and in harmony with the other components of the orgonite.

When the frequencies of the orgonites harmonize with those of the chakras, a melody is created. The vibrations created by this melody can thus lead to a curative effect on the body. This effect will be present on a physical, mental and energetic level, allowing you to heal your internal wounds at your own pace.

"By learning to use our tools, you will learn to become the instrument of your own healing. But our tools will only be the instrumental, now it is up to you to write the lyrics of your own story. " A.Canudo
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